Robert J. Mendenhall is a retired police officer, a retired Air National Guardsman, and a former Broadcast Journalist for the American Forces Network, Europe. An active member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, he writes across genres including science fiction, crime and suspense, and the occasional horror. He lives in south- western Michigan with his wife and fellow writer, Claire. And many animals.  
Robert J. Mendenhall
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Another Code Name: Intrepid adventure. April, 1935. Archaeologist “Digs” Jasper has unearthed an ancient artifact revealing where an evil and powerful Egyptian priest was secretly entombed. Digs and the Intrepid team race to find and destroy the tomb, before Hitler’s “Special Squadron” can ressurect the evil Necrohotep and leverage his dark magic for the Nazis’ nefarious ends.
“The Tomb of Necrohotep”
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Appearing in CURSE OF THE TOMB SEEKERS, an anthology published by Zimbell House Publishing Edited by Evelyn Zimmer
Appearing in THE FIFTH DI by Nomadic Delirium Press  Edited by J Alan Erwine 
“The Master Plan”
Available for Kindle and other e-pub formats at Smashwords.
The Master Plan Life Assurance Policy... when organ farming has become the norm. Not a bad deal, really--if you’re the policy holder. If you’re the organ-doner clone and you wake up? Not so much.
Coming Soon...
“The Perisphere Solution”
It’s a world where global climate change is NOT fake news. The Earth has plunged into a new ice age, but society has survived thanks to the Perisphere Solution. But will it be enough to save mankind from what is yet to come? Appearing in ECOTASTROPHE II, an anthology from Nomadic Delirium Press, Edited by J Alan Erwine.   
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