Robert J. Mendenhall is a retired police officer and a former Broadcast Journalist for the American Forces Network, Europe. He currently serves on active duty with the Wisconsin Air National Guard. An active member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and SFF Net, he writes across genres including science fiction, crime and suspense, and the occasional horror. He lives outside Chicago with his wife and fellow writer, Claire. And many animals.  
Robert J. Mendenhall
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Captain Christopher Manning is the Provost Marshal at Early Warning Station Centauri; a listening post on a harsh planet circling the primary star of the Alpha Centauri binary system. With gravity more than three times Earth normal, sophisticated exoskeletons are needed just to walk. The high mineral content of the planet's thick atmosphere gives its precipitation a pale yellow tinge and a sulfuric odor. And with its eccentric orbit and intense magnetic field, Centauri is an “extreme planet.” For no apparent reason, the primitive Centaurans begin attacking  the compound. When one of his military police officers is murdered seemingly by a native, Manning’s investigation leads him into a web of conspiracy and betrayal, with the fate of the facility and the lives of every human soldier on the planet at stake.
“Murder on Centauri”
“Murder on Centauri” in EXTREME PLANETS a ‘ Science Fiction Anthology of Alien Worlds’ by Chaosium Publishing Edited by David Conyers, David Kernot, and Jeff Harris, with cover illustrations by Paul Drummond. EXTREME PLANETS is the first anthology ever to feature exoplanets or Super-Earths. featuring fiction from Hugo and Nebula award winners David Brin, Brian Stableford, Gregory Benford, and Peter Watts.
“The anthology does contain a lot of solid, entertaining, core SF" - Gardner Dozois, Locus
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